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Letter A Films is an independent production company located in Southern California. We are excited to produce all aspects of your video project from pre-production to post production design. We specialize in interviews, educational videos, lecture recordings, guest speaker documentation, promotional videos for socially responsible institutions and organizations, and testimonial videos for non-profits.

Our extensive background in education, pedagogy, and philosophy sets us apart from other video production houses. These areas of knowledge empower us to make informed decisions when cutting and rearranging educational materials for classroom use. Educators rely on us to produce teachable material that is especially useful in contemporary teaching methods such as classroom flipping and distant learning.

Professional web development and video game production services are available through our parent company, Strout’s Ink LLC. Email stroutsink@hotmail.com for more information!


  • Interview documentation
  • Lecture Recordings
  • Promotional videos for socially responsible organizations
  • Digital Education materials, recordings, and assets
  • Logo designs and animations

Awards and recognition:
OWO Film Festival 2013: The Dancer; Audience Award
OWO Film Festival 2013: The Screening; Audience Award
*RCC Film Festival 2010: Mogods; best in editing
*RCC Film Festival 2011: The Dancer; best screenplay
*RCC Film Festival 2011: The Dancer; best director

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